Paragon Modeller is a fully integrated predictive model system development environment for the building of application, behavioural, collections and many other varieties of scorecard and decision system.

Modeller’s flexible scorecards accommodate themselves to the needs of your business rather than forcing your business to conform to the needs of the scorecards.

The Modeller development interface allows hands on experience for Credit Managers to analyse and evaluate all facets of credit risk. Modeller requires little training to take full advantage of its many capabilities.

Modeller is adaptable to the requirements of many different users. The standard scorecard building interface provides familiarity and repeatability while the advanced process flow interface allows advanced users to add many additional functions.

Modeller quickly pays back good returns on your investment, enhances the efficiency of your risk management operation and adds repeatability and audit to your scorecard building process.

No Black Boxes
There are no hidden processes in Modeller. Paragon will be pleased to explain the functionality in any of our model building and scoring techniques.



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